Saturday, October 29, 2011


Let me start of with saying: i'm sooo sorry! I know I said that I would post the yaoi special like 2 weeks ago, but I sorta forgot because my mind was busy with school. 
*hands you rocks and sticks* you may beat me, BUUUT not before you read my awesome-epic-fantastic yaoi-special! ^-^
Here is an entire list of my favorite yaoi couples including too hot for words pictures. 
I suggest people that don't like yaoi leave this blog immediatly. If your one of the cool people that loves yaoi, I say go ahead, read, enjoy and get nosebleeds!

*Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures. Credit goes to the rightfull owners.*

Starting with:

I think I fell in love with sasunaru when the first episode of Naruto aired >-<

I mean look at those two! They know they want each other, they are just too dense!

 And they are not only cute, but also highly sexy!

 I want to show you more pictures of lovely sasunaru, but I have more couples to show you!

 I think you all know why I love this couple! 'Kashi and Dolphin-chan are the best!

Omo! This is just too cute!

My brain is going in overload right now...

Junjou Romantica:
Romantica: Usami x Misaki
 Oh yes, the famous romantica couple! Misaki, the always struggling uke and Usami the calm and collective seme! Oh how I love this pair!

Misaki! Don't you go and seduce Usami! He has it hard enough already!

And damn Usami! Keep your hands of the kid for once! He won't be able to walk for a whole week if you keep it up like this!

Egoist: Nowaki x Hiroki
I wish I had a lover like Nowaki... *goes in dream mode*
And Hiroki, please lighten up a bit, Nowaki loves you! You should be happy!  

Aww poor Nowaki, kekeke.

Terrorist: Miyagi x Shinobu
I love this couple.

Man, how I laughed everytime Miyagi had to eat Shinobu's cabbage x'D
Car kiss time!

And here a bonus when all three couples kiss <3

Hey Class President!:
 Chiga x Kokusai
When I first saw this anime my inner fangirl was bouncing up and down. This is such a cute and interesting couple! And the way Chiga-kun flirts with Kokusai-san, FTW!

Hmmhmm suuure Kokusai-san... :3

Yeah, afraid that your tongue in my mouth is going to make me faint!

 Sekai ichi Hatsukoi:
Ritsu x Takano
You cannot resist the charms of Takano, Ritsu! Just you wait!

Go Takano-san!!!

Chiaki x Hatori
So sweet when Chiaki is sick and Tori takes care of him >-<


Kisa x Kou
Honestly this is my favorite couple in Sekai ichi Hatsukoi. I think Kisa is just too adorable and with Kou he is so cute! 

Kisa why are you so damn cute?

 Pffft, I have to clean up all this blood on my desk now...

This was my yaoi-special! I hope you liked it! ^-^
*you may now beat me*


Friday, October 14, 2011

Teaser :)

Hi there!
I know i've said that I would make my yaoi-special in the weekend, but forgive me! I have a very hectic life... Yeah...
No i'm just kidding, I already made a start with my yaoi-special and here is a little teaser...

I think I just died and went to heaven O.o


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm working on it!

Hi guys!
I'm working on my yaoi-special, but i'm very busy with school now...
I think in about a week I have it done! Just have a little bit more patience <3

Love you!