Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Almost New Years!

I'm really really sorry for not posting in such a long time OTL
That said, I'm loving my time in Curacao! It's just like time stops a bit and I can actually enjoy life without books and photoshop. Not that I have something against school... jk
I found a new kind of writing 'style' where I can express myself a little better in :)
I'm also working on my own book! Very excited about that! Also hoping that my writing doesn't suck too bad. I mean having you parents judge your writing skills can be a little risky at times..
But, yeah, on with the holiday spirit talk!
I know it's a bit late, but I don't give a sh*t, Merry Christmas! 
I also want to wish you all a very Happy New Year!

BTW, some people have mailed me asking if I could write some yaoi stories, and Hey, who am I to decline that? :)
So people, look foreward to some yummie yaoi goodness, written by Moi!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Livin' the good life.

I am now sitting on the veranda, the soft wind trough my hair, and guess what? There is no freaking sun! Like what the heck :(
Guys, I need my sunnnnnn! I know i'm kinda exaggerating here, but common'! If you are on vacation in a warm/hot country you want sun, am I right? 

Sooo, to close of this rant, I am going to pray for some sun and hoping I get to go to the beach :)

Lots of love and sayounara,

Ps, my cousin is bothering me... :p

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hello vacation!


It's been a while since i've posted. So sowwy :(
BUT, I have cool news! You want to know what it is???
I bet you do! So i'm just going to tell you...

Tomorrow I will be in the plane towards Curacao! I know, I know it's awesome right?!
Actually that was the only news I had to say...

I'm now in class and my teacher is looking at me weirdly so I guess i'm going to work now.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

[eng sub] Invincible Youth 2 - Episode 1


[eng sub] Invincible Youth - Episode 1

Credits: soshified subs

kpop madness

Sitting on the couch thinking to myself, I thought: Do my followers know I am obsessed with with kpop? I think not. So this post is all about me talking about kpop.

I fell in love with kpop about 3 or 4 years ago. The very first kpop song I listened to was 'Into the new world' by Girls Generation (snsd). It took me about three videos and one reality show about them to know about all the nine girls. Since then I have been a true Sone. But not only did I listen to snsd. I began browsing for other kpop groups and let me just say that right now I am a:

- Sone (Girls Generation)
- Shawol (SHINee)
- E.L.F (Super Junior)
- Hottest (2pm)
- Blackjack (2NE1)
- Cloud (Bi/Rain)
- A+ (MBLAQ)
- Lucky 7 (se7en)
- V.I.P (BigBang)
- Kiss Me (U-kiss)
- aff(x)ction (f(x))

I know it's alot, but I can't help it! They are all awesome, although (I think everyone has) I have a few biases. Those include Sunny from Girls Generation, she is just so awesome and her aegyo makes me want to snuggle her to death. Key from SHINee, he is almighty for a reason ;)
Shindong from Super Junior, because he is mad funny and Kwanghee from ZE:A, because, well we all know he has like the BEST personality in the whole wide world!

Also, when I have time I will put up links to some of my favorite shows with various kpop artists in it, so you can enjoy it too!

Let's close this post with a picture of cute Sunny ^-^


Friday, November 11, 2011


Right now it's 9.13 am and i'm sitting behind my computer at school. I am tired! Goddammit!
I am trying to come up with some ideas for my next post and so far people have been emailing me and asking me to post one about anime.
I think that's a great idea! YaoiFangirlKayo said in a comment that she wanted me to do a top ten about my favorite anime. I'll think about that one ;)

Okay so umm I have nothing more to say.. 
I'll get going now and hope I survive this day at school >-<


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New ideas.

Hello there all you beautiful people,

I am now laying on my bed writing this not so interesting post before i'm going to school in a couple of minutes. 
I am really glad that you liked my yaoi-special! Although it was a bit late...
I also want to say 'hi' to all my new followers and say thank you to the ones that have been following me from the beginning. You guys are awesome!
Question: What do you want for a next post? Write your ideas in the comments below and maybe I will post your idea next!
Oh shit, you guys are making me late for school! Bad, bad, bad!

The last thing I wanted to say was: 
OMG my blog has almost reached 10.000 views! Thanks to all people that maybe by 'accident' or just because they wanted, read my blog. It means alot!


Saturday, October 29, 2011


Let me start of with saying: i'm sooo sorry! I know I said that I would post the yaoi special like 2 weeks ago, but I sorta forgot because my mind was busy with school. 
*hands you rocks and sticks* you may beat me, BUUUT not before you read my awesome-epic-fantastic yaoi-special! ^-^
Here is an entire list of my favorite yaoi couples including too hot for words pictures. 
I suggest people that don't like yaoi leave this blog immediatly. If your one of the cool people that loves yaoi, I say go ahead, read, enjoy and get nosebleeds!

*Disclaimer: I do not own any of these pictures. Credit goes to the rightfull owners.*

Starting with:

I think I fell in love with sasunaru when the first episode of Naruto aired >-<

I mean look at those two! They know they want each other, they are just too dense!

 And they are not only cute, but also highly sexy!

 I want to show you more pictures of lovely sasunaru, but I have more couples to show you!

 I think you all know why I love this couple! 'Kashi and Dolphin-chan are the best!

Omo! This is just too cute!

My brain is going in overload right now...

Junjou Romantica:
Romantica: Usami x Misaki
 Oh yes, the famous romantica couple! Misaki, the always struggling uke and Usami the calm and collective seme! Oh how I love this pair!

Misaki! Don't you go and seduce Usami! He has it hard enough already!

And damn Usami! Keep your hands of the kid for once! He won't be able to walk for a whole week if you keep it up like this!

Egoist: Nowaki x Hiroki
I wish I had a lover like Nowaki... *goes in dream mode*
And Hiroki, please lighten up a bit, Nowaki loves you! You should be happy!  

Aww poor Nowaki, kekeke.

Terrorist: Miyagi x Shinobu
I love this couple.

Man, how I laughed everytime Miyagi had to eat Shinobu's cabbage x'D
Car kiss time!

And here a bonus when all three couples kiss <3

Hey Class President!:
 Chiga x Kokusai
When I first saw this anime my inner fangirl was bouncing up and down. This is such a cute and interesting couple! And the way Chiga-kun flirts with Kokusai-san, FTW!

Hmmhmm suuure Kokusai-san... :3

Yeah, afraid that your tongue in my mouth is going to make me faint!

 Sekai ichi Hatsukoi:
Ritsu x Takano
You cannot resist the charms of Takano, Ritsu! Just you wait!

Go Takano-san!!!

Chiaki x Hatori
So sweet when Chiaki is sick and Tori takes care of him >-<


Kisa x Kou
Honestly this is my favorite couple in Sekai ichi Hatsukoi. I think Kisa is just too adorable and with Kou he is so cute! 

Kisa why are you so damn cute?

 Pffft, I have to clean up all this blood on my desk now...

This was my yaoi-special! I hope you liked it! ^-^
*you may now beat me*


Friday, October 14, 2011

Teaser :)

Hi there!
I know i've said that I would make my yaoi-special in the weekend, but forgive me! I have a very hectic life... Yeah...
No i'm just kidding, I already made a start with my yaoi-special and here is a little teaser...

I think I just died and went to heaven O.o


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm working on it!

Hi guys!
I'm working on my yaoi-special, but i'm very busy with school now...
I think in about a week I have it done! Just have a little bit more patience <3

Love you!


Thursday, September 22, 2011


Finally I have made one! 
If you don't know what I mean, then your an idiot. No jk. I mean a twitter account!
My friend Kayleigh pushed me into it! At first I was like everybody else and thought: Twitter sucks arse. But then I kinda changed my mind and with the help of my lovely friend I made my account. 
I was first debating wether or not to make my twitter public, but in the end I made it private, because I don't like weird people or strangers to automaticly know or see anything about me. 
BUT, that doesn't mean 'you' ,as in my lovely readers, can't follow me! And don't get your hopes up, my twitter isn't fancy or anything. It's just a place where I can already tell you about new ideas for my blog and that kinda stuff. 
I put a Twitter Follow and Tweet button under my 'about me' so if your interested, click it and follow!

For now:

Sunday, September 18, 2011



As you can see I wanted another font, so yeah. Uhm... I have been very busy with school and thinking for new posts, so please bear with me! A list of epic faces part 2 will be soon and a yaoi-special is coming up! So stay tuned everybody!
For now, have a good day and enjoy the weekend :)


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New blog!

Well hello there!
Finally I have decided to create my online diary! I always wanted to keep a diary and I have succeeded for like, three months, but seeing as how lazy I am to even pick up a pen to write it, I thought of a more clever way. As you all know I almost spend my whole day behind the computer, so why not keep track of a 'online' diary? Hmmm, smart riiiiight? :)

So from now on I will keep my own online diary. I would say: FOLLOW! ^-^
And don't worry, I will not abandon this blog! This is just my own little random anime world kinda blog! My diary is just my other outlet... ;)


Ps, follow, follow, follow:

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hiya there!
Actually the title of my post says it all, but I have something to confess...

You know when your like 12 years old and you made a stardoll account... Well, obviously I did that and enjoyed the site for almost 1/2 years long. Then school and friends came in the way and I never went on stardoll anymore.
But now, I guess one year ago, I went on stardoll again just to see how my doll looked and stuff. I found out that there were alot of roleplay clubs on stardoll and decided to check them out. I thought, the clubs that were active, they were was awesome and kinda fell in 'love' with roleplaying on stardoll...
So, now, as a 16-year-old still playing on stardoll is very immature, BUT it's only for the roleplaying as I really don't care to be covergirl-shit.
And yeah, I have a other name for my doll. Hey remember, I was only 12-13 at that moment. My dolls name is je-we-ll and in my presentation I put that her name is Twyla, because, well, I like that name ^-^
I mean not everyone needs to know that i'm not really Twyla, but Esmee. Let them find out themselves :)
And as you all know i'm a major yaoi-fangirl and I made my own yaoi-roleplaying club! I am now currently writing this roleplay with a girl who I remember is from Ireland and our story is well, awesome and nosebleed worthy!
She wasn't on for a  couple of days and as a apology she made a drawing of the characters in our story! I thought it was uber cute and now i'm posting it in this post so you can all see the awesomeness of her picture!

Isn't it cute?! I think so... :)
So, girl i'm posting with (stardoll name CagedButterfly), please like my blog, make a google account and follow so we can chat more often! :D
Also a shout-out to Italia-pop whom I also am posting with!

If you want to follow the story you can either 1. make a stardoll account, search for je-we-ll and join my club Yaoi-Roleplay or 2. I am trying to save all the posts and make it a story so I can maybe post it here on my blog? What do you think?

Well, I have been blabbering enough for today! I will try and post part 2 of the list of epic faces soon!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

List of epic faces: part 1

While I was watching Gintama (lately i've been addicted to Gintama) Gintoki showed one of his epic faces, and it got me thinking...
I am one of those persons who will laugh out loud if something funny is happening and with funny animes it's just hard not to laugh if something weird or random is happening...
And that's when I got my idea, I will show you a list of my favorite epic anime faces!

Here it goes,

This got me laughing SO hard!
It's the truth Gin-san, you and Hijikata are destined to be together!
I guess this is when he screams: Son of a bitch!
This is Gins 'bring it on!' face.
The perfect time for a... Family moment!
Good 'Ol curry of life!
Naruto thinking: 'I have to take a shit...'
It was HIS fault.

Well, this was part 1 of the epic faces list including Gintama and Naruto. 'Till next time...


Monday, August 15, 2011


Well hello there!
Remember my exciting post about The Akatsuki Cosplay Cafe? Ofcourse you do!
Because FallenxGuardian is now one of my favorite authors we have been messaging eachother and I asked her if she could write another story is the ACC universe but then with sasunaru babies! She said yes (!), but didn't feel so comfortable about writing mpreg, so she chose for adoption!!! Woohoo~

Now, you are probably wondering where I am going with this. Well wonder no more! *ahem*
I offered to draw their child if she knew how she wanted 'it' to look. I was pushing her to make a girl (sorry i'm kinda pushy) and she said yes again (!) :D
Well, to kinda shorten all of this blabbering... The girl's name is Etsu and she is tomboy-ish.

So FallenxGuardian, here is Etsu and I hope you like her!

Okay FallenxGuardian please bear with me now. I don't know, yet, how to draw on computers and stuff so I am just drawing with my beloved pencils and colour pencils. I hope you like it ^-^


Ps, disclaimer kinda thingy: All of the drawings I post on this blog are MINE, if I find out you are stealing my work there will be hell to pay!!! Thank you.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wow, just wow...

Just a regular mid-post, since I have nothing better to do...
I saw this photo and I just had to show it to you!

What if you're swimming, minding your own business and this thing swims under you! 



Monday, August 1, 2011

Akatsuki Cosplay Cafe.

(this post is for all the sasunaru lovers out there!)

I found (in my opinion) the most funny and cute Naruto (sasunaru) fanfic EVAAAAAR! I'm so serious right now! I freaking LOVE and ADORE this fanfic!!! Wow... I need to calm down before my head explodes...

I got on FanFiction like two days ago and went to find me some yummy sasunaru ^-^
I clicked on a sasunaru story called, Akatsuki Cosplay Cafe, and I mean, who wouldn't click on a title like that? :)

When I read the first chapter, I was already hooked! I was laughing so hard, I fell from my bed... Don't ask me how I did it, I just did.
I totally recommend this fanfic for every sasunaru/akatsuki lover out there! You will NOT regret it! ;)

Just go to and search for the story, Akatsuki Cosplay Cafe, and if that is a little bit too much exercise for you, I have the link under in this post. (you damn lazy people...)
And SUPER props for the author FallenxGuardian! She is now officially one of my favorite authors!


The link:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I hate working... Seriously, I hate it.

Damn my life!

Sorry that wasn't exactly the perfect way to begin my post, or should i say my little 'rant' about working...
Let us start over:

Hi! Hi... Hi? Ugh... Whatever, on with the topic.

I'm so sorry that i haven't posted in a while! I blame it on my lame vacation work...
I have a vacation job for the next two weeks and it makes me incredibly tired!
I'm not lying when i say my vacation work is lame. It is. Really. I will tell you what i have to do so you understand the lameness of it better.

For my vacation work I am working at my dad's company. It is a company that helps you buy houses or something... Something with computers at least.
I have to wake up at 7am the next two weeks. 7am! God damnit! Then i have to ride on my bike (yes i can ride a bike...) to his company building. And let me say that Holland doesn't quite has the best weather in the world.
When i'm finally there I have to sit behind a desk all day long looking up people's personal numbers (you know those numbers on your passport) and it's BORING!
It actually feels like that computer is draining my soul out! And me having a lazy nature doesn't help either...
But hey I earn money with it, so I better keep up the good work!

Yeah... Do you finally understand the lameness of it? I know I do.
I will TRY and post once or twice in these two weeks, but don't count on it :(

A tired/bored/pissed Esmee-chan.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Brides Maids

Two days ago i went to the movie Brides Maids. I went with my friend and we sat down in the dark room. Ofcourse i had bought a box full of nachos and salsa. Hey what can i say? I just love nachos! Hmmm nachos...

Yeah sorry for that...


So, i went to Brides Maids and it was awesome! I laughed so hard i was crying. Wow those women were crazy! Brides Maids is def a movie i could see 100 times and NOT get bored!!!
I would sooo recommend this movie to anybody who likes a good laugh! ;)

That was it for today...


Monday, July 18, 2011


OMG! A couple of minutes ago i went on my blog to write a new post and what did i see? Four lovely comments! YAY! I'm sooo happy now! I think i am so happy i could die... Just kidding...


FOUR comments! In ONE day! That must be a record or something... Oh! And as if it's a miracle, i also have ten followers now! *Dances mentally*

So, thankyou so much Jolenelovesanime and YaoiFangirlKayo for the lovely comments! I hope you like my posts and that you comment more!


Ps, @YaoiFangirlKayo, ikr?! Rummikub sucks ass! xD
And i think it is indeed a good idea to write about yaoi in my next post! Thanks for giving me the idea ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shitty weather


Sorry, but i just had to say that. It feels like i've neglected this blog although it's only been a couple of days...
I still have no idea about wich anime i should write next... ARGHHHH! I'm getting seriously frustrated here. My niece is sitting beside me and is looking at me as if i'm deranged. Whoops...
I'm on vacation now somewhere in Holland and it's raining! The WHOLE day long! Perfect shitty weather if you ask me... But it's also perfect weather to lay on your lazy ass with your laptop and write boring posts for your blog to try and entertain people with your not so funny life... Whoa this is getting pathetic...

Well, now i'm going to stuff my face with chips and play Rummikub with my family. I will post again asap.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Poke Rap, MUST learn!

While thinking of a new post, why not learn the poke rap? :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


NOOO! It's what i feared... I'm uninspired! T^T
I don't have a clue what to write...
My friends say i should make a opinion post about a specific anime, but WHICH anime?
I think i need to think a little bit more about this idea. My sincere apologies for my crappy uninspired brain. I will post again ASAP.

A clueless Esmee-chan.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why FanFiction is dangerous...

Today i fainted...
Why, you may ask? I'll tell you why.

As you all know from my last post, i am kinda (as in REALLY) addicted to FanFiction. So, today while laying on my bed, browsing on my laptop and listening to sappy lovey-dovey music (i know...) i wanted to read another sasuxnaru FanFic. So i did! :)

But, that is not the point to why i "fainted". The point is that when i was in the middle of the FanFic Naruto had sent Sasuke a bouquet of roses with in the middle a fake rose for Valentine's Day with a card attached to it that said: Sasuke, the day the middle rose dies is the day i stop loving you, Naruto.

First, i got a MAJOR nosebleed.
Second, i squaled like a crazy fangirl on drugs...
Third, i fainted... Kinda... Not really, but it looked like i fainted...

I DID however smack my head against the wall, because i was running around in my room like a crazy maniac. I know i'm SUPER crazy, but you'll get used to it :3

The FanFic is called: Bouquet of roses. And the author is Kativa-chan. So, look it up, read it, get a nosebleed, squal like a crazy fangirl on drugs, kinda faint and smack your head against a wall because you were running around like a maniac. Good luck! XD

A bruised Esmee-chan.

Friday, June 17, 2011


Lately i became addicted to FanFiction. First i didn't know what it was, but i was just on google searching for some cute sasunaru (sasuke x naruto from Naruto) pics when i saw sasunaru FanFiction. I became curious (ofcourse) and clicked on it. I came on the site and i saw a story about sasunaru that was fanmade. Still curious i began reading and rather enjoyed it very much!

When i finished the sasunaru story i began searching on google for more sasunaru FanFics. I thought it was so cool that i found it out i kinda squaled...
To keep track of my favorite authors and stories, i made an account on First i wanted to see if i could write a cool story about Sasuke and Naruto, but utterly failed... I then became aware of my not-so cool writing skills. I think i keep it at drawing :)

So, now i read stories like ALL the time and if i like/love a story or author i favorite them in my list. It's really handy to have an account if you love reading all the stories on FanFiction, because you can save the stories that you like and also can give the author feedback!
Oh, and don't get me wrong, FanFiction doesn't only have sasunaru stories. The stories are fanmade, so it could be about any anime, actually. I just love me some sasunaru ^-^

I also find it highly awesome that i am not the only one on the world that loves sasunaru xD
My account on FanFiction is called Yaoiloverrr. If you love sasunaru just like me you should go to my Fanfiction page to see what kind of stories i have favorited. Just type in: (my username, above) and voila! (i tried putting the link in here, but when you click on it, it says i don't exist. Weird right?!)


Ps, wow how many times have i said FanFiction in this post? xD

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I passed my exams!!!

I feel like doing the evolution of dance.

Just wanted to let you know...

I'm bahaaack!

YOSH! Okay i have no idea why i just said that, but i think i have a good reason... Yeah no not really...

I'm back from Disney! *aplause*
And it was EPIC! I hugged tweedle dee and tweedle dum! I feel awesome now.
I also ate for the first time an red sticky covered apple and was sick afterwards... But it was totally worth it!
The ride from Holland to France was 5 hours, but we listened to Glee and Disney songs, so yeah we rocked the car!

I am not quite ready to post about anime yet, because in a couple of hours i will receive a phone call telling me if i passed my exams or not and well i am REALLY nervous!!!
I think that if i passed my exams my facial expression will be like this:


A very nervous Esmee-chan.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Disney? :)

Hi? I guess?
I am here again with a superduperepicrandomcoolfantastic post! No i'm lying...
What i will say (or rather state) is that i will be gone from June 11 'till June 14, thus no posts :(

BUT, i have a exceptionally good explanation! In those three days i'm going to Disney! *trows confetti*
In my whole 16-year-long life i have never been to Disney, so as you could say, i'm very VERY excited!
I am just as excited as Naruto when he has his miso ramen! >-</

Jup i'm THIS excited :3
Credits to Georgi9306, deviant art.

And how kawaii is that picture?! Oh Naruto, you never fail to amaze me... xD
So, now you know why i won't post in the upcoming couple of days. Sooo, comment or sumthing? :)


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh noes!

I feel kinda bad right now... You wanna know why? Okay here it goes:

When i made this blog i just wanted to make an awesome blog, that many people would follow and put smiles on peoples faces. Jep, that's how nice i am xD
BUT, i also said to myself that i would post in less then 3 days. And well, i couldn't keep my promise BECAUSE it's vacation and i went to france ^-^

So yeah, that's why i feel a little bad, but i want to make it up to you by showing how to do a facepalm.

 THIS is how you do a facepalm:

NOT this:


Monday, May 30, 2011

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi

Finally it's vacation for me so i can concentrate on this blog more xD
And i'm sorry for the people who don't like yaoi (boy x boy) but this post is about yaoi. :)

Not just any yaoi, i mean, sekai ichi hatsukoi!
It's from the same author as junjou romantica and has the same cuteness and perfect drawings.
I was looking quite a while for a new good yaoi and i looked on and saw this new anime. So, ofcourse, i clicked on it and saw that it was from the same author and it plays in the same world as junjou romantica.

The anime is basically about guys who work at a manga publishing company and their love lifes. And may i say that as a real yaoi lover it's just to cute and funny and highly recommend this to any other yaoi lovers out there! It's just so fluffy, exciting and cute! ^-^

The only negative point about it is that i have to wait a week (yes a WEEK) before i can watch a new episode >-<
This anime watching thing may get me killed someday...


Friday, May 27, 2011


Okay this is not about anime at all, but i just need to share it with you!

This morning i walked down the street to get some new magazines at the supermarket, when all of a sudden a piece of potato fell on my head.

A piece of POTATO!!!

This is weird enough already, but when i looked around i saw no high buildings or people on the street. Where te hell did that piece of potato come from?! I'm seriously scared right now...
I have an idea of how that piece of potato landed on my head, but i'm not too sure about that.

Maybe, just maybe, when i walked a bird just flew above my head and had a piece of potato that excidently slipped out of it's (claws?) and landed on my head. But where did the bird get that piece of potato? I want to know! I'm scared to walk on the street again. What's next to land on my head? A WHOLE potato?

Being kind of freaked out right now...


Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am hooked on Kampfer!
This morning i thought to myself: Hey it's vacation, let's watch anime! So i turned my laptop on and started to watch Naruto (for like the 100th time...) I got bored so i went searching for another anime when one of my best friends send me a link to Kampfer. Since then i am HOOKED!

It's basically about a guy with a bracelet and when that bracelet glows he turns into a girl, also known as a "kampfer", and gains power. When he is turned into a girl he has to fight other kampfers. Kampfers can only be girls, i don't know why but i guess it's a rule or something.

Strange name for an anime? Yes it is, but it's German, so that explains ALOT. In the anime they call swords "schwerts" or something like that. How weird and hilarious is that? I mean they couldn't just call it swords? Well, i guess not xD

Natsuru Senō is the main protagonist of the serie, and if i may say so, pretty handsome ^-^
He has also a stuffed animal tiger. The tiger is really, and i mean REALLY, weird, but also kinda cute :3
And not only the tiger is weird. Every stuffed animal in the serie is weird. They all have blood coming out of their mouth and guts coming out of their stomach. Why? I don't have a friggin' idea!

Since i began watching this serie i just couldn't stop! It has action, romance and ALOT of comedy and random stuff. Hope you'll take a look too! :)


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My anime project

The "i will post again tomorrow" didn't work out quite well xD
I'm sorry, but today i had my last exam! *aplause* I'm really excited about this and can't quite believe that it's already vacation for me. Well movie theaters, watch out because here i come! Now on to anime xD

I have a new kind of project i'm working on by myself and i called it "my anime project" yes i know, what an original name...
Above where the pages, about me and contact me are, i will put in two other pages. One called "my anime project" that's where i will explain everything about it and there you will get introduced to "the gang" 6 chibi's that i drew and, you know what? Read all of this on the "my anime project" page. :)

To finish, a random anime pic ;)



Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Anime

Okay, okay, okay, i know it's old BUT you've gotta admit that this is hilarious! I mean, was the translator on drugs or something? Maybe he heard it wrong or he was tired and thought to himself: let's make something up that looks and sounds like the words. The sucky part also is that we are never going to know what the words really ment! And the picture with the dude wearing a wig doesn't help either. LOL.

Two words: Mind Blown.

Well, does he?

WTF happened here? I have many many many questions about this picture, but one sticks out the most: How can a headless dude cry? Like is that even possible? I know we are talking about anime here, but what where the writers thinking when they came up with this scene? Maybe they where on drugs too...

Lol i love this one! It never gets old. No matter how many times i look at this picture, i still lmao. I mean come one. The cape is gay enough, but the word fabulous and the pose with it? Pure awesomeness.

I am gonna end with a funny picture of one of my favourite animes, Naruto:

It's okay Kakashi. If they try and arrest you, you will kick their ass with raikiri! And Naruto, yeah okay, i laughed too XD

I will post again tomorrow, so stay tuned :)


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Haruhi Suzumiya

So i just couldn't wait to post again and my first thought was: Haruhi Suzumiya. (left under in the pic)
I don't know why, but i just thought of her XD
And come on, who doesn't love Haruhi? For the ones that haven't seen The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, google it. lol
I'm sorry, but i don't want to explain the whole thing. Hey what can i say? I'm a lazy person. XD
The first time i saw The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya i was like: wtf is her problem? I mean she is pretty and all, but she looks kinda... angry. Eventually i saw her funny, no wait, hilarious side and came to love the anime. It was kinda sad though that the anime has such few episodes. I mean, i was longing for more! 
And i do not only love Haruhi, the rest is also so hilariously (yes hilariously is a word...) cool!
It basically means that i love The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Yeah, who would of thought that? o.o
Well, i don't know what to say anymore... I will post again asap!



Finally i have found my ideal blog template! It's not to busy or too blank. Since this is settled i can now focus on my posts. I am now currently in my exams, so if i'm finished with that i can concentrate on making this blog supderduperfun! Be prepared...