Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My anime project

The "i will post again tomorrow" didn't work out quite well xD
I'm sorry, but today i had my last exam! *aplause* I'm really excited about this and can't quite believe that it's already vacation for me. Well movie theaters, watch out because here i come! Now on to anime xD

I have a new kind of project i'm working on by myself and i called it "my anime project" yes i know, what an original name...
Above where the pages, about me and contact me are, i will put in two other pages. One called "my anime project" that's where i will explain everything about it and there you will get introduced to "the gang" 6 chibi's that i drew and, you know what? Read all of this on the "my anime project" page. :)

To finish, a random anime pic ;)



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