Monday, October 8, 2012

Change isn't so bad after all!

Hello my little fangirls and fanboys!

A couple of days ago I recorded myself watching TVXQ's comeback Catch Me. When I wanted to edit it imovie decided to be a bitch and did not cooperate at all. When I decided I wanted to edit it with something else I noticed all my material was gone. Nothing. I was left with nothing. After all my hard work! Le sigh.

Sooo, still no video of me, BUT, not to worry! When I get a good camera and microphone i'll finally upload my video's! Gosh, this Youtube thing is taking forever! But, it's all for you guys! Right? RIGHT?!

It's been a while since i've had this blog and I want to say that I love all my followers and silent readers! It's amazing to me that people in America, France and Australia are reading this blog and it makes me all fuzzy inside~^^!

I'm still thinking of giving this blog a complete make-over, but i'll do that when I have time. I am still learning things and with time I hope that my youtube channel and this blog will be loved by many! Thank you to all the people that stayed with me and traveled with me on this internet adventure!