Saturday, February 11, 2012

busy, busy, busy!

I can't believe I haven't posted in so long! *gives you a stick* Please beat me if you want to.
I'm really sorry for not posting in so long, but I blame school! My grades are not that good and on top of that I have a shit load of homework. Although there is one particulair homework assignment wich I find very awesome and can't wait 'till I have finished it! The assignment is about drawing your own 'character'. So that basically means that you can draw anything as long as it has some human 'things'. As it is saturday today, I made a sketch about my character and I will post it on here if she's finished!

It's 23.56 now as I am writing this and I really need some sleep, but yunjae fanfiction is keeping me up!!! But hey, you can't really blame yunjae... They are friggin' hot! I am rambling now... But I don't care! :)

Oh yeah, some of you mailed me to ask wich pairs or couples in kpop I ship and here's the list:

- jonkey
- eunhae
- yunjae 
- hanchul
- yesung x ryeowook
- kyuhyun x sungmin
- 2min
- kangteuk
- yoosu
- changmin x kibum

and many more wich I can't sum up right now because my brain isn't fully working... :3

Well that was it for today, hoped you liked the post and don't forget: follow me!