Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Anime

Okay, okay, okay, i know it's old BUT you've gotta admit that this is hilarious! I mean, was the translator on drugs or something? Maybe he heard it wrong or he was tired and thought to himself: let's make something up that looks and sounds like the words. The sucky part also is that we are never going to know what the words really ment! And the picture with the dude wearing a wig doesn't help either. LOL.

Two words: Mind Blown.

Well, does he?

WTF happened here? I have many many many questions about this picture, but one sticks out the most: How can a headless dude cry? Like is that even possible? I know we are talking about anime here, but what where the writers thinking when they came up with this scene? Maybe they where on drugs too...

Lol i love this one! It never gets old. No matter how many times i look at this picture, i still lmao. I mean come one. The cape is gay enough, but the word fabulous and the pose with it? Pure awesomeness.

I am gonna end with a funny picture of one of my favourite animes, Naruto:

It's okay Kakashi. If they try and arrest you, you will kick their ass with raikiri! And Naruto, yeah okay, i laughed too XD

I will post again tomorrow, so stay tuned :)


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