Monday, May 30, 2011

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi

Finally it's vacation for me so i can concentrate on this blog more xD
And i'm sorry for the people who don't like yaoi (boy x boy) but this post is about yaoi. :)

Not just any yaoi, i mean, sekai ichi hatsukoi!
It's from the same author as junjou romantica and has the same cuteness and perfect drawings.
I was looking quite a while for a new good yaoi and i looked on and saw this new anime. So, ofcourse, i clicked on it and saw that it was from the same author and it plays in the same world as junjou romantica.

The anime is basically about guys who work at a manga publishing company and their love lifes. And may i say that as a real yaoi lover it's just to cute and funny and highly recommend this to any other yaoi lovers out there! It's just so fluffy, exciting and cute! ^-^

The only negative point about it is that i have to wait a week (yes a WEEK) before i can watch a new episode >-<
This anime watching thing may get me killed someday...


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