Friday, May 27, 2011


Okay this is not about anime at all, but i just need to share it with you!

This morning i walked down the street to get some new magazines at the supermarket, when all of a sudden a piece of potato fell on my head.

A piece of POTATO!!!

This is weird enough already, but when i looked around i saw no high buildings or people on the street. Where te hell did that piece of potato come from?! I'm seriously scared right now...
I have an idea of how that piece of potato landed on my head, but i'm not too sure about that.

Maybe, just maybe, when i walked a bird just flew above my head and had a piece of potato that excidently slipped out of it's (claws?) and landed on my head. But where did the bird get that piece of potato? I want to know! I'm scared to walk on the street again. What's next to land on my head? A WHOLE potato?

Being kind of freaked out right now...


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