Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am hooked on Kampfer!
This morning i thought to myself: Hey it's vacation, let's watch anime! So i turned my laptop on and started to watch Naruto (for like the 100th time...) I got bored so i went searching for another anime when one of my best friends send me a link to Kampfer. Since then i am HOOKED!

It's basically about a guy with a bracelet and when that bracelet glows he turns into a girl, also known as a "kampfer", and gains power. When he is turned into a girl he has to fight other kampfers. Kampfers can only be girls, i don't know why but i guess it's a rule or something.

Strange name for an anime? Yes it is, but it's German, so that explains ALOT. In the anime they call swords "schwerts" or something like that. How weird and hilarious is that? I mean they couldn't just call it swords? Well, i guess not xD

Natsuru Senō is the main protagonist of the serie, and if i may say so, pretty handsome ^-^
He has also a stuffed animal tiger. The tiger is really, and i mean REALLY, weird, but also kinda cute :3
And not only the tiger is weird. Every stuffed animal in the serie is weird. They all have blood coming out of their mouth and guts coming out of their stomach. Why? I don't have a friggin' idea!

Since i began watching this serie i just couldn't stop! It has action, romance and ALOT of comedy and random stuff. Hope you'll take a look too! :)


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