Thursday, September 22, 2011


Finally I have made one! 
If you don't know what I mean, then your an idiot. No jk. I mean a twitter account!
My friend Kayleigh pushed me into it! At first I was like everybody else and thought: Twitter sucks arse. But then I kinda changed my mind and with the help of my lovely friend I made my account. 
I was first debating wether or not to make my twitter public, but in the end I made it private, because I don't like weird people or strangers to automaticly know or see anything about me. 
BUT, that doesn't mean 'you' ,as in my lovely readers, can't follow me! And don't get your hopes up, my twitter isn't fancy or anything. It's just a place where I can already tell you about new ideas for my blog and that kinda stuff. 
I put a Twitter Follow and Tweet button under my 'about me' so if your interested, click it and follow!

For now:

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