Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hiya there!
Actually the title of my post says it all, but I have something to confess...

You know when your like 12 years old and you made a stardoll account... Well, obviously I did that and enjoyed the site for almost 1/2 years long. Then school and friends came in the way and I never went on stardoll anymore.
But now, I guess one year ago, I went on stardoll again just to see how my doll looked and stuff. I found out that there were alot of roleplay clubs on stardoll and decided to check them out. I thought, the clubs that were active, they were was awesome and kinda fell in 'love' with roleplaying on stardoll...
So, now, as a 16-year-old still playing on stardoll is very immature, BUT it's only for the roleplaying as I really don't care to be covergirl-shit.
And yeah, I have a other name for my doll. Hey remember, I was only 12-13 at that moment. My dolls name is je-we-ll and in my presentation I put that her name is Twyla, because, well, I like that name ^-^
I mean not everyone needs to know that i'm not really Twyla, but Esmee. Let them find out themselves :)
And as you all know i'm a major yaoi-fangirl and I made my own yaoi-roleplaying club! I am now currently writing this roleplay with a girl who I remember is from Ireland and our story is well, awesome and nosebleed worthy!
She wasn't on for a  couple of days and as a apology she made a drawing of the characters in our story! I thought it was uber cute and now i'm posting it in this post so you can all see the awesomeness of her picture!

Isn't it cute?! I think so... :)
So, girl i'm posting with (stardoll name CagedButterfly), please like my blog, make a google account and follow so we can chat more often! :D
Also a shout-out to Italia-pop whom I also am posting with!

If you want to follow the story you can either 1. make a stardoll account, search for je-we-ll and join my club Yaoi-Roleplay or 2. I am trying to save all the posts and make it a story so I can maybe post it here on my blog? What do you think?

Well, I have been blabbering enough for today! I will try and post part 2 of the list of epic faces soon!


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  1. Hmm, i've never played stardoll, but for you i will take a look and maybe make a 'doll' so i can follow your (i guess and sorta know) awesome story! I mostly roleplay online, one on one, but it can be a drag though...

    Ps, love the drawing >.<