Thursday, August 18, 2011

List of epic faces: part 1

While I was watching Gintama (lately i've been addicted to Gintama) Gintoki showed one of his epic faces, and it got me thinking...
I am one of those persons who will laugh out loud if something funny is happening and with funny animes it's just hard not to laugh if something weird or random is happening...
And that's when I got my idea, I will show you a list of my favorite epic anime faces!

Here it goes,

This got me laughing SO hard!
It's the truth Gin-san, you and Hijikata are destined to be together!
I guess this is when he screams: Son of a bitch!
This is Gins 'bring it on!' face.
The perfect time for a... Family moment!
Good 'Ol curry of life!
Naruto thinking: 'I have to take a shit...'
It was HIS fault.

Well, this was part 1 of the epic faces list including Gintama and Naruto. 'Till next time...


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  1. Omg the pictures of Gintama had me lmao! Genius! XD