Monday, August 15, 2011


Well hello there!
Remember my exciting post about The Akatsuki Cosplay Cafe? Ofcourse you do!
Because FallenxGuardian is now one of my favorite authors we have been messaging eachother and I asked her if she could write another story is the ACC universe but then with sasunaru babies! She said yes (!), but didn't feel so comfortable about writing mpreg, so she chose for adoption!!! Woohoo~

Now, you are probably wondering where I am going with this. Well wonder no more! *ahem*
I offered to draw their child if she knew how she wanted 'it' to look. I was pushing her to make a girl (sorry i'm kinda pushy) and she said yes again (!) :D
Well, to kinda shorten all of this blabbering... The girl's name is Etsu and she is tomboy-ish.

So FallenxGuardian, here is Etsu and I hope you like her!

Okay FallenxGuardian please bear with me now. I don't know, yet, how to draw on computers and stuff so I am just drawing with my beloved pencils and colour pencils. I hope you like it ^-^


Ps, disclaimer kinda thingy: All of the drawings I post on this blog are MINE, if I find out you are stealing my work there will be hell to pay!!! Thank you.


  1. Omg she is so cute!! Good job on the colouring if you doon't know how to draw on computers yet. You have my thumbs up!


  2. Kawaii!!!
    Your drawings are so cute and coowl ^-^