Friday, June 17, 2011


Lately i became addicted to FanFiction. First i didn't know what it was, but i was just on google searching for some cute sasunaru (sasuke x naruto from Naruto) pics when i saw sasunaru FanFiction. I became curious (ofcourse) and clicked on it. I came on the site and i saw a story about sasunaru that was fanmade. Still curious i began reading and rather enjoyed it very much!

When i finished the sasunaru story i began searching on google for more sasunaru FanFics. I thought it was so cool that i found it out i kinda squaled...
To keep track of my favorite authors and stories, i made an account on First i wanted to see if i could write a cool story about Sasuke and Naruto, but utterly failed... I then became aware of my not-so cool writing skills. I think i keep it at drawing :)

So, now i read stories like ALL the time and if i like/love a story or author i favorite them in my list. It's really handy to have an account if you love reading all the stories on FanFiction, because you can save the stories that you like and also can give the author feedback!
Oh, and don't get me wrong, FanFiction doesn't only have sasunaru stories. The stories are fanmade, so it could be about any anime, actually. I just love me some sasunaru ^-^

I also find it highly awesome that i am not the only one on the world that loves sasunaru xD
My account on FanFiction is called Yaoiloverrr. If you love sasunaru just like me you should go to my Fanfiction page to see what kind of stories i have favorited. Just type in: (my username, above) and voila! (i tried putting the link in here, but when you click on it, it says i don't exist. Weird right?!)


Ps, wow how many times have i said FanFiction in this post? xD

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  1. Oh your not the only sasunaru lover! Here is another yaoi fangirl! I lalalalooove your posts! Keep up tha good work!

    x Kayo!