Thursday, June 9, 2011

Disney? :)

Hi? I guess?
I am here again with a superduperepicrandomcoolfantastic post! No i'm lying...
What i will say (or rather state) is that i will be gone from June 11 'till June 14, thus no posts :(

BUT, i have a exceptionally good explanation! In those three days i'm going to Disney! *trows confetti*
In my whole 16-year-long life i have never been to Disney, so as you could say, i'm very VERY excited!
I am just as excited as Naruto when he has his miso ramen! >-</

Jup i'm THIS excited :3
Credits to Georgi9306, deviant art.

And how kawaii is that picture?! Oh Naruto, you never fail to amaze me... xD
So, now you know why i won't post in the upcoming couple of days. Sooo, comment or sumthing? :)


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