Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New ideas.

Hello there all you beautiful people,

I am now laying on my bed writing this not so interesting post before i'm going to school in a couple of minutes. 
I am really glad that you liked my yaoi-special! Although it was a bit late...
I also want to say 'hi' to all my new followers and say thank you to the ones that have been following me from the beginning. You guys are awesome!
Question: What do you want for a next post? Write your ideas in the comments below and maybe I will post your idea next!
Oh shit, you guys are making me late for school! Bad, bad, bad!

The last thing I wanted to say was: 
OMG my blog has almost reached 10.000 views! Thanks to all people that maybe by 'accident' or just because they wanted, read my blog. It means alot!


1 comment:

  1. hahaha bad you for writing this when you need to go to school!
    it would be so cool if you like made your top ten or something about your favorite anime :)
    and already congrats on your views! i hope their will be more!!

    x kayo