Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shitty weather


Sorry, but i just had to say that. It feels like i've neglected this blog although it's only been a couple of days...
I still have no idea about wich anime i should write next... ARGHHHH! I'm getting seriously frustrated here. My niece is sitting beside me and is looking at me as if i'm deranged. Whoops...
I'm on vacation now somewhere in Holland and it's raining! The WHOLE day long! Perfect shitty weather if you ask me... But it's also perfect weather to lay on your lazy ass with your laptop and write boring posts for your blog to try and entertain people with your not so funny life... Whoa this is getting pathetic...

Well, now i'm going to stuff my face with chips and play Rummikub with my family. I will post again asap.



  1. I just joined your blog and i just love the way you write! You crack me up! xD
    Can't wait 'till your new posts!


  2. Hmmm i hate rummikub XD
    I always lose! But that's with any game... I think god thinks i cannot win ANY game, that bastard! :(
    But yeah back to tha post, aww i feel for you in the rain! I hate rain! Damn water.
    Loved tha post! Maybe you can write about yaoi in your next post!!! :D

    xxx Kayo