Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I hate working... Seriously, I hate it.

Damn my life!

Sorry that wasn't exactly the perfect way to begin my post, or should i say my little 'rant' about working...
Let us start over:

Hi! Hi... Hi? Ugh... Whatever, on with the topic.

I'm so sorry that i haven't posted in a while! I blame it on my lame vacation work...
I have a vacation job for the next two weeks and it makes me incredibly tired!
I'm not lying when i say my vacation work is lame. It is. Really. I will tell you what i have to do so you understand the lameness of it better.

For my vacation work I am working at my dad's company. It is a company that helps you buy houses or something... Something with computers at least.
I have to wake up at 7am the next two weeks. 7am! God damnit! Then i have to ride on my bike (yes i can ride a bike...) to his company building. And let me say that Holland doesn't quite has the best weather in the world.
When i'm finally there I have to sit behind a desk all day long looking up people's personal numbers (you know those numbers on your passport) and it's BORING!
It actually feels like that computer is draining my soul out! And me having a lazy nature doesn't help either...
But hey I earn money with it, so I better keep up the good work!

Yeah... Do you finally understand the lameness of it? I know I do.
I will TRY and post once or twice in these two weeks, but don't count on it :(

A tired/bored/pissed Esmee-chan.

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  1. Hmmm that sounds really lame indeed xD
    But it's for the money! Keep the money in mind!
    I feel for you and puh-lease post as soon as you can!!