Thursday, January 12, 2012

Birthday games!

As you all know my birthday is next week (January 18th) and I find myself under the heated gaze of my parents when they ask me what I want to do when I celebrate it. And as an answer I look at them owlishly and say "I don't know." I must have made a mistake when saying that because my mom looks at me with an angry expression, trows her hands in the air and retorts, "Fine! Do it yourself then!"
Why oh why is it so hard to come up with a birthday plan? I mean, invite some friends over and that's it, right? But, obviously my family and friends think otherwise. Damn.
Luckily yesterday I made a plan(?) for my birthday. I have decided I want to do a game night. That's right, a game night. Just playing old games, stuffing your face with pizza and taking pictures with friends while making the most funny and ugly faces you can think of. This is my kind of thing and i'm happy with that. I don't need some huge party with people I don't even know. Just a night with my friends, family and food is all I need.

Now I want to ask you guys if you know old and funny games we can play. I already have hints included in my list and ofcourse Monopoly. Just mail me if you have some ideas. :)


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