Monday, March 19, 2012

School sucks.

Today I woke up to the lovely sound of my alarm system, also known as my blackberry. I did however, make sure that my alarm was a nice song so that I won't be waking up as godzilla and trying to smash my mobile into the ground. I'm just sayin' .Right now i'm sitting in class and outside is a highly annoying sound of a churchbell ringing and playing tunes. It's 10.14 am god dammit! Shut the hell up! I'm seriously considering of trowing my computer out the window and hoping that by a miracle it will fly against the church and break it. I can dream right?

I guess I need to work now, but I don't waaant to! Whining is something i'm very good at, if you haven't noticed before. Hehehe.
The fact that i'll be working with a computer doesn't quite help me with trying to do my homework. *sigh*
Okaaaay, Esmee focus! You're grades aren't that good, if you look at math, so suck it up and work. Rambling at myself again... I'm very good at that too. That's why I have this lovely blog ^-^

I guess I have whined and rambled on enough for today. Now let's try and be productive today! (I don't think it'll work, but one can hope, right?)


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